TNBD Dictionary

Glossary of frequently used terms:

1.) Tits-

This word is used to describe a person, place, idea, thing that is very incredible and is worthy of two thumbs up.  Tits is used in reference to something that is awesome, badass, amazing, top-of-the-line, mind blowing, mind altering, etc.

Ex- “Dude that surf and turf  combo at outback steakhouse was tits..” or “Have you seen iron man 2? Dude…tits!”

Party Plus– An event or activity that makes the current situation incredibly better.  The term can be applied to an actual party setting such as additional beer, large group of women, etc.  However the term can be used frequently to describe an experience that went from normal to awesome.

Ex- “Mcdonalds run this morning with some co-workers was a party plus”. or “Hey man nice move picking up some cigs, major party plus.”

3.) Terrible– This term is not used to describe an actual disaster such as someone getting hurt, natural disaster, missing a flight, etc.  It is only used to describe a person, place, group, idea, etc. that royally sucks ass.  Making it an activity for losers or douchebags.

Ex) “Man that dude with earrings is terrible.” or “My girlfriend brought her co-workers to the party again, god those people are terrible.” or “Dude wednesday nights on TBS are terrible.”

Some popular examples of terrible groups are:  Out of control earthy people, pretty much “forward-thinkers”, emo’s, dudes who wear girls jeans(really f**** terrible), people who spend free time attending rallies, women who don’t shave their legs.

To be Continued

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