Ted’s Hot Dogs- Buffalo 1 of 3- “On the Road”

8 09 2010


Ted’s was the first of three stops recommended by a Buffalo, NY Native.  When I did my pre-research on Ted’s before trying it myself I heard only great words about this Buffalo institution.  Ted’s differs from the majority of my stops in that it is a chain establishment.    There are multiple Ted’s located in the greater Buffalo area.   I would compare the inside to something similar to a mid-range fast food restaurant.  It was walk-up order, wait for food, then sit down.  I must say with a lunch crowd on a Monday I was very impressed with the speed when you consider HOW they cook your hotdog.  Where most restaurants would pull your hotdog out of steamer or microwave (mom style..)  Ted’s is much different.  Ted’s is a charcoal broiled hotdog and is made fresh to order.   Charcoal fast food style..tits.  I made two crucial mistakes- I did not get the onion rings or a milkshake.  I did however order a side of cheese fries (see below).   Reviews raved on the onion rings and milkshakes so I will have to wait until Buffalo to experience those parts of the meal.  It appeared that most people eating at Ted’s were locals (something much different than Anchor Bar).  The staff was extremeley friendly.  Typically when visiting “famous eateries” you run across attitude problems, cash only, long lines, and seating issues.  I had NONE of those problems with Ted’s and they offered a kethup pump vs. the packets…huge.  There is no mis-understanding to why these people have been rocking since 1927.  Also if the idea of a “footlong” intimidates you…which it shouldn’t…it is a pretty easy deal to accomplish.  Best of travels in NY.

Price: $7-10 US

*If you go: I would order the hotdog, onion rings (cause they looked amazing), and a milkshake.  However I am not the least dissapointed with my meal selection. 

What are others saying about Ted’s?

WIKIPEDIA LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted%27s_Hot_Dogs

Ted’s Website: http://www.tedsonline.com/

COMING SOON: 1)Anchor Bar- Home of the Buffalo Wing 2) Beef on Weck Wonderland.



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