About TNBD

Tennessee Before Daylight is an online community that focuses on the lighter side of life. Writers are recent college graduates that have entered the workforce.  Topics covered on TNBD include humor, sex, work, college, technology, videos, women, pictures and everything in between.  Below is a biography for each of our writers:

– One Armed Steve

Due to times changing I will now be bringing you new “Stories from the Road” My previous writer names have been; The Management Trainee, Recent College Grad, and the Tennessean.  Several things have changed and I can no longer provide you with great stories and experiences related to those titles.  However I am now bringing you stories from the road (primarily the Northeastern segment of the US), which I work for my job.  This will include stories from Boston, DC, Philadelphia, NYC, Baltimore, and occasionally a story from some small town in Maine.  The stories will be a combination of reviews from restaurants, comical highway signs, and all other experiences in between.

-Hardly Working

Hardly Working is a recent college graduate that has entered the wonderful world of 9 -5.  Hardly Working’s contributions to the sight will be focused on humor, YouTube videos, technology, and Top 10 lists.  Hardly working will also keep you updated on the latest stories from truckers, which can be some of the best.  Check back often to see more from this writer.

– CubicleWarrior

Let’s see…I work in a cubicle and I’m a weekend warrior, well, sometimes.  People wish they could make the best of every situation as well as I do.  I live with my parents but this neither slows me down OR cramps my style…it just gives me more money to throw down.  I’m an avid Tennessee sports fan.  I’ve been going to Titans and Predators games since they’ve been around.  In the fall, you can find me in Knoxville supporting the Vols football team and whoever is coaching it that season.  Cameron Diaz just does it for me.  I’m really good at acting busy when I haven’t done an ounce of work all day.  Just trying to climb the corporate ladder one rung at a time…

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