Ted’s Hot Dogs- Buffalo 1 of 3- “On the Road”

8 09 2010


Ted’s was the first of three stops recommended by a Buffalo, NY Native.  When I did my pre-research on Ted’s before trying it myself I heard only great words about this Buffalo institution.  Ted’s differs from the majority of my stops in that it is a chain establishment.    There are multiple Ted’s located in the greater Buffalo area.   I would compare the inside to something similar to a mid-range fast food restaurant.  It was walk-up order, wait for food, then sit down.  I must say with a lunch crowd on a Monday I was very impressed with the speed when you consider HOW they cook your hotdog.  Where most restaurants would pull your hotdog out of steamer or microwave (mom style..)  Ted’s is much different.  Ted’s is a charcoal broiled hotdog and is made fresh to order.   Charcoal fast food style..tits.  I made two crucial mistakes- I did not get the onion rings or a milkshake.  I did however order a side of cheese fries (see below).   Reviews raved on the onion rings and milkshakes so I will have to wait until Buffalo to experience those parts of the meal.  It appeared that most people eating at Ted’s were locals (something much different than Anchor Bar).  The staff was extremeley friendly.  Typically when visiting “famous eateries” you run across attitude problems, cash only, long lines, and seating issues.  I had NONE of those problems with Ted’s and they offered a kethup pump vs. the packets…huge.  There is no mis-understanding to why these people have been rocking since 1927.  Also if the idea of a “footlong” intimidates you…which it shouldn’t…it is a pretty easy deal to accomplish.  Best of travels in NY.

Price: $7-10 US

*If you go: I would order the hotdog, onion rings (cause they looked amazing), and a milkshake.  However I am not the least dissapointed with my meal selection. 

What are others saying about Ted’s?

WIKIPEDIA LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted%27s_Hot_Dogs

Ted’s Website: http://www.tedsonline.com/

COMING SOON: 1)Anchor Bar- Home of the Buffalo Wing 2) Beef on Weck Wonderland.

Slow and Steady Reserves the Room- Weekly Travel Hints

17 06 2010

Earlier I brought you “Top Five Travel Hints of the Week” Well frankly five is a bit too many on a weekly basis.  Instead I will be bringing you a Weekly Travel Hint and provide an ample amount of input and advice.  If you are an aggressive traveler you reap benefits rather quickly.  However for many of us out there we travel frequenty and ask ourselves “Hey wheres that free round trip flight?”  The answer may be in your decision making.  Our readers typically range from mid 30’s and 20’s working professionals  to young soon to be college kids.   However you will find that over your lifetime (especially in your early 20’s when your friends are getting married and/or you’ve got extra cash to travel with) you will start to use different travel vendors.  I hope you find this week’s advice as useful as I did once I was informed.

What do Hilton Hotels, Motel 8, Southwest Airlines, AirTran, Hertz Rental Car and several other vendors all have in common? ALL of them have a preferred customer program.  Any company in the travel industry REGARDLESS of the specific sector all have programs that reward their frequent customers.  We see this often with our parents getting free flights to Hawaii or in movies like Up in the Air.  Both your parents and George Clooney do one thing: They stick to one networkPlease allow me to explain.  If you want to earn free hotel nights, free flights to vegas to rock out with old friends, or park for free at your local airport you have to follow the golden rule of traveling: Use the same network repeatedly.  Do you know what four flights on four different airlines gets you? Four complimentary soft drinks and maybe some peanuts. When you decide to stay in the same network in all aspects of your travel you will see those glorious emails enter your inbox reading “Congratulations You’ve earned..”  I will provide a few examples;

Hotels: Each Hotel is more than likely in a network with several others.  Check out: www.hhonors.com That is the website for the Hilton Network including hotels such as; Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn, Doubletree, etc…  If you stay at a hotel in the network you accumulate points for use in any hotel within the network.  Ex) You stay at Hampton Inn a few times you earn a free night at a Hilton Hotel of your choice.  Sound easy? It is.  Just make sure to enroll in the program.  All programs are free and they last a lifetime.  Even if you are a casual traveler you should be contributing to your account.  Hilton is NOT the only one who does this.  There are also great programs such as Marriot Rewards and Priority Club that cover several hotels.  **Also hotels will frequently run promotions such as “Stay with us 4 nights this month and earn a free night!”  That is always something to keep an eye for.**  Marriot has a nice line-up of hotels and Priority Club is Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza (Knoxville Tits), etc.  Also each network has a credit card of such that usually doubles points for qualifying stays.

Airlines: Very similar to the hotel structure, but there are not networks EXCEPT: Star Alliance (which is dominating the airline industry).  Now you can use the same frequent flyer number for several airlines: US Airways, United, and Continental, check out all of them: http://www.staralliance.com/en/about/airlines/.  The key to airline programs: Do your research. You need to find out what airline has the major presence at your local airport. Ex) In Nashville, TN Southwest Airlines is very predominant.  In Charlotte it is US Airways BIG TIME.  Join the network best for you and start earning free round trips.  Don’t get discouraged if it takes a few trips.  Also airlines process points in TWO WAYS: 1) Miles (the amount of miles you fly gets put into a bank and 25k miles may equal a roundtrip flight) 2) Segment points (Southwest uses this and you receive points for flights…this may be the best option if you travel short distances such as 400-700 miles).   Like hotels, Airlines have credit cards usually offering a free round trip after first purchase but BEWARE they are usually backed with high interest rates.  Free trips are also subject to black-out dates, be sure to refer to the airlines website regarding that information.

Rental Cars: Probably the biggest flop in the travel industry.  Each company offers a preferred program.  Several companies including National and Hertz offer free rental after so many paid rental days.  These are harded to build, but it is still a good option to join-up. Quick rental car tip: If you make a reservation, they owe you a car.  If they “Lost your reservation” or “We are out of cars” then you better make sure you don’t pay.

Final pieces of importance: 1) Stay with the same program.  Make sure to truly look at the price difference before making a decision.  Ex) If you are a American Airlines member and their flight is $20.00 more than the competitor, choose AA to accumulate the miles.  Choosing the same travel vendor will pay dividends. 2) Do your research.  Where you live and often travel to dictate which program is the best for you. 

Happy trails.

Taste of Brooklyn,NY- On the Road

16 06 2010

My recent excursion to Brooklyn, NY was quite an adventure.   One thing you will eventually figure out is that some of my motivation for picking certain eateries is due to time spent watching Man VS Food.  Overall Adam is a pretty solid dude and definitely has a tits job getting to try food all over the country.  However I will often side with other recommendations away from greasy-ass/un-healthy meals and will venture outside of the hood unlike south philly.  Brooklyn is certainly not “the hood”.   However, be aware there is a healthy amount of riff-raff walking around aimlessly.  Don’t you ever wonder what these people do? I’ll cover that later.  Let’s discuss Brennan and Carr Hot Beef.  This spot was covered in an episode of Man VS Food but my experience was slightly different from Adam’s. Probably due to the fact that I am not a celebrity and it was a random Tuesday afternoon.  I happened to be one of three people in the whole joint.  Surprise…CASH ONLY.  So once again I make the credit card walk of shame and end of paying an extra $3.25 to partake in the experience.  It was worth it.  As I sit down I am approached by what appeared to be the head chef because he was wearing a full cook outfit/hat.  He was actually the waiter and a very respectful one at that.  One issue I have to bring up: Because I was one of the only customers he stood about 3-4 feet away from my table in a militant stance waiting for an opportunity to fill my water-glass, provide additional ranch dressing, answer stupid tourist questions, and fetch more napkins. I APPRECIATE good service, and a have a great eye for it.  This was a bit aggressive. 

The menu:

I forgot to take a photo for your viewing pleasures.  It basically consisted of; Burgers, Roast Beef Sandwiches, Salad, Onion Rings, Fries (cheese optional), and then the Man vs Food item: Gargiulo Burger-A cheeseburger topped by famous Roast Beef and submerged in beef broth.  The waiter suggested it, I complied.  (see pictures below).

As you can see, its not a HUGE, NASTY BIG ASS BURGER.  Man VS Food gave off the impression that it was. It’s a decent sized burger topped with a few slices of Roast Beef.  Meaty.  I did enjoy it and would absolutely suggest it to anyone living in NYC or planning to visit in the future.  The burger itself was juicy.  I would compare it’s flavor to that of a typical burger at a college hole-in-the-wall.  The roast beef/broth is what makes this a unique experience. 

I have never tasted roast beef like this before, and I am well versed in Arby’s selections.  The broth was also delicious and is probably the component that sends the meal into tits in my face status.  It would also be short-sided to not give the onion rings a shout-out, they were the best I have ever had.  Perfectly breaded, perfectly cooked.

You will find the staff is very friendly, but hit the ATM first.  It completely blew my cover that I was a tourist, but I guess so would the fact I was wearing a collared shirt.  Hints of advice: Lock your car, don’t eat prior to engaging, it’s another pepsi joint, try to go during normal lunch hours to avoid aggressive service, my hunch says avoid dinner.  It might be where the mob grubs on roast beef.

Good times Brennan and Carr.


Price: $10-15.00

Address: 3432 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229

Next up this week: Pittsburgh’s Legendary Sandwiches.

Heaven in South Philly- On the Road

2 06 2010

The work agenda this week brought me to the grungy city of Philadelphia.  It is very similar to the incredible show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  I decided it was time to step up to the plate and play the south philly challenge “Geno’s Steaks VS. Pat’s King of Steaks to experience the  two proclaimed “Best Philadelphia Cheesesteaks in the World”  Both walk-up style eateries have been featured on several Food Network segments and have frequent television and political visitors.   Even on a Wednesday afternoon both locations were slammed.  So instead of doing extensive internet research (as I normally do before consuming any valuable meal) I decided to ask a local.  Unfortunately the local told me to “Get Lost”.   The line was longer at Pat’s King of Steaks (make sure to check-out the links below) so I decided to give it a whirl.  It is hard to describe my current emotions for the cheesesteak I consumed today.  I am sure the picture of my order- LARGE PHILLY, EXTRA WHIZ, ONIONS, MUSHROOMS, AND PEPPERS will make your imagination run wild.   I could have been a pussy but what the hell I’m only in philly once every other month.   Here is the breakdown of the experience;

-Amazing from the first bite.  I was hesistant about the cheez whiz (mainly because of the word whiz which reminded me of the can of cheese we all knew and loved in 6th-15th grade).  But it felt right, and it was.  The steak was slightly peppered, and juicy.  All the additives only increased the amazingness.  Overall the staff was very aggressive and yelled at me because I didn’t know it was CASH ONLY and “lonny ya gonna have to put this one on the side he didn’t know about the cash!”  At which point “Lonny” yelled some sort of garbage about me.  No big deal it all adds to the experience.  Classic Northeastern behavior.  They only served pepsi products which was a pretty big party foul but I didn’t go for soda.   Seating was outdoor and I waited about 5-7 minutes for a table to open up.  It wouldn’t have bothered me except a homeless guy was sleeping on one of the tables while I held that mammoth sandwich standing in the sunlight.

All and all great trip to Downtown Philadelphia to experience a legendary deal.  Next time around I will more than likely give Geno’s a try to announce the winner.

Price: $10-15.00

BE SURE TO CHECK-OUT further reading on Pat’s King of Steaks and check-out some famous diners.



Celine Dion Looks Like A Saluki

20 05 2010

Usually in a post of this nature, I would ask the question, “Am I the only one that feels this way?”.  But I won’t.  The resemblance is undeniable.  For those who are unfamiliar with Salukis, here is some background info:

“The Saluki (Arabic: سلوقي) is perhaps the oldest known breed of domesticated dog. A study published in the May 21, 2004, issue of Science confirms the Saluki’s antiquity through DNA analysis identifying it as one of the earliest breeds to diverge from wolves. Like elsewhere in the Fertile Crescent region, Saluki-like animals appear on the ancient ceramics from Susa and Sialk of 3500 BC in Iran, as well as on Egyptian tombs of 2100 BC. The breed had been occasionally imported to England before 1840, however there was no serious interest until the Hon. Florence Amherst imported a breeding pair of Salukis from Lower Egypt in 1895 and began working to popularize the breed. The Kennel Club recognized Salukis in 1923.

Widely admired for its beauty, speed and endurance, the Saluki is a sight-hound and historically traveled throughout the Middle East with nomadic desert tribes over an area stretching from the Sahara to the Caspian Sea. As a result, different Saluki subtypes, varying mostly in colour and coat, can be found across this widely scattered area.” source: http://www.wikipedia.org

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the proof:

Still not convinced?

I have noticed this ever since I saw Titanic five times just for the boobs. What?  I was a tween and a PG-13 movie with female nudity was a jackpot.  I have never been able to look at her in the same light.  I always envision Celine Dion barking on stage or a Saluki singing “My Heart Will Go On”.  The latter would be like the Christina Aguilera monster from “South Park”.  Creepy.

Shia LaBeouf – Revenge of Walgreens

19 05 2010

Who would have guessed that young Lewis on Disney’s “Even Stevens” would produce a mugshot like this?  At least he looks happy.  The realization that jail is not as funny as it sounds must not have hit him yet.  It probably did hit him when he had to sit down next to a guy named Sheckles, who got locked up for biting his girlfriend’s ear in a domestic dispute.

In November of 2007, LaBeouf was arrested…in Walgreens.  Pretty awesome.  He celebrated his 21st birthday in 21st birthday fashion.  After a fiasco with pimple creme, cigarettes, and a security guard, he ended up in the slammer.  I’ll let Shia do the explaining.


100 Things That Made Growing Up In The 90’s Awesome

18 05 2010

Growing up in the 90’s was awesome.  We didn’t have a care in the world.  These are 100 things that made growing up during this decade so awesome:

1. Saved By The Bell

2. Stretch Armstrong

3. No Cell Phones

4. Candy Cigarettes

5. Rugrats

6. Jurassic Park

7. G.I. Joes

8. Tomagatchis

9. Bowl Cuts

10. Pete and Pete

11. Slap Bracelets

12. Doc Martens

13. Toy Story

14. Pop Rocks

15. Power Rangers

16. Walkmans

17. Mood Rings

18. Tommy Hilfiger Clothing

19. Nirvana

20. Big League Chew

21. Macintosh

22. Family Matters

23. Push Pops

24. Suicide Drinks

25. Salute Your Shorts

26. Pogs

27. Baseball Cards

28. Michael Jordan

29. GUTS

30. Nerf Guns

31. Beanies

32. Green Day

33. Step By Step

34. Dancing Baby

35. Play-Doh

36. Magic The Gathering

37. Hemp Necklaces

38. Dennis Rodman

39. Double Dare

40. Wayne Gretzky

41. Dial-Up Internet

42. Street Hockey

43. AOL

44. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

45. Ren and Stimpy

46. Matchbox Cars

47. Doug

48. Pamela Anderson

49. Growing Pains

50. Rosie O’Donnell

51. Roseanne

52. Titanic

53. Rage Against the Machine

54. Boy Bands

55. TRL

56. Tear Away Pants

57. Jerry Springer

58. The Real World

59. The Secret World Of Alex Mack

60. The Mighty Ducks

61. MTV Spring Breaks

62. Toy Guns

63. Sock Em Boppers

64. The Spice Girls

65. Twister

66. Bill Nye The Science Guy

67. Atomic Sours

68. No Facebook/Myspace

69. Adidas Shoes

70. Men In Black

71. Beavis and Butthead

72. Super Soakers

73. Nintendo

74. Furby

75. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

76. Tale Spin

77. Tickle Me Elmo

78. Hey Arnold!

79. Kathy Ireland

80. Laser Pointers

81. Rocko’s Modern Life

82. Tonka Trucks

83. Timberlands

84. Chinese Finger Traps

85. Beanie Babies

86. Full House

87. Roller Blades

88. Sticky Hands

89. Gak

90. Light Bright

91. Sega

92. Vortex Footballs

93. Foxtails

94. Legends of the Hidden Temple

95. The Wonder Years

96. Splash Bombs

97. All That

98.  Power Wheels

99. Soaps

100. South Park

Sources: http://www.youtube.com, http://www.google.com/images

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Conan Talks With “Google-ers”

12 05 2010

Conan has a sit down with an audience of “Googlers”.  It’s about time Conan got back on network television after NBC shafted him.  And remember: