Nashville – The Little City That Could

14 05 2010

All of the writers on Tennessee Before Daylight were born and raised in Nashville or have spent the majority of their lives here.  It is an incredible city.  A city that doesn’t get much national attention.  And that’s the way we like it here.  Low key.  Laid back.  We don’t ask for much and keep to ourselves.

Last week Tennessee, mainly the Nashville area, experienced the most costly non-hurricane natural disaster in U.S. history.  And no one outside of Tennessee heard about it.  With the bomb scare in Times Square and the oil spill in the gulf, I guess this wasn’t enough for national news coverage.  Some attention that we could have used.

But like I said, we like it low key.  We can handle this on our own.  When Katrina hit Louisiana, what did you see on the news?  Looting and crime sprees.  That didn’t happen here.  Granted these floods were on a much smaller scale than those of Katrina, but the opportunities were certainly there.  And no one took them.  Instead of looting, citizens were out helping neighbors.  Instead of crime sprees, citizens were helping complete strangers.  VOLUNTEERING.

We certainly lived up to our name.  The Volunteer State.  And it is something that I am very proud of.  Something that makes me love this great city even more.  We came together and starting cleaning up almost immediately.  Average citizens donating time and money to people they have never met.  People they knew nothing about.  But they did know one thing.  They were helping fellow Tennesseans.  And that’s all that matters.

We also had the support of the country music artists that shape this city into what it is.  Artists like Taylor Swift, who calls Nashville her home, donated $500,000.  Vince Gill donated $100,000.  Even non-Nashvillians donated money.  Jerry Seinfeld donated the proceeds from his performance in Nashville to flood relief.  There is something about this great city.  Something that connects you at a deeper level.  Something that you can’t possibly understand until you visit.

Nashville started the rebuilding process almost immediately.  With the help of citizens and celebrities alike, it will be a fast process.  Only in Nashville.  Only in the Volunteer State.

Below is a link to an article that covered the flooding written by Patten Fuqua of Section 303.  It is an excellent article that coined the phrase “We Are Nashville”.

We Are Nashville

This is one of the better videos that documented the flooding:

And one that captures what this blog tries to capture, humor in life:

Several concerts are being held to help with flood relief.  Buy tickets to help out victims and enjoy some good music:

Nashville Rising

When: June 22, 2010

Where: Bridgestone Arena

Tickets: $25.00 – $75.00

CMA Music Festival

When: June 10-13, 2010

Where: LP Field

Tickets: 4 Day Pass – $110.00

Music City: Keep On Playin’

When: May 16, 2010

Where: Ryman Auditorium

Tickets: $25.00 – $150.00




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