Introduction- Stories from the Road

12 05 2010

Good Evening and welcome back to Tennessee Before Daylight.

Due to times changing I will now be bringing you new “Stories from the Road” My previous writer names have been; The Management Trainee, Recent College Grad, and the Tennessean.  Several things have changed and I can no longer provide you with great stories and experiences related to those titles.  However I am now bringing you stories from the road (primarily the Northeastern segment of the US), which I work for my job.  This will include stories from Boston, DC, Philadelphia, NYC, Baltimore, and occasionally a story from some small town in Maine.  The stories will be a combination of reviews from restaurants, comical highway signs, and all other experiences in between.  Either way I grew up in Tennessee and now have to deal with yankees all the time and we all know how ridiculous and terrible they are.  I hope I don’t turn into one.  In the meantime enjoy the stories and be sure to check out the listed places when you find yourself visiting.

So far one major party plus: All the bars in New England have containers with Cheez-its for snacking.  Huge play




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